About Me

9 years ago my journey as a stylist began in a small apartment in Los Angeles. After a girlfriend asked for my advice on how to wear a skirt during a slumber party, we dove deep into her closet to really personalize her whole wardrobe. After 2 hours and a glass of wine we had gone through her entire closet putting together outfits, purging the things she no longer needed, talking alterations and missing pieces. She was thrilled and so the Closet Consultation was born. My main goal as an image consultant is to get my clients excited about the items they have already purchased. A Closet Consultations is the perfect first appointment because we will thoroughly pour over your things for a full 2 hours. It is impossible to walk away from this appointment without renewed love for your wardrobe. It also allows me to learn about your style, preferences, and level of adventurousness. Once a shopping trip is in order you will enjoy focused spending as we hunt down specific items to fill in gaps in your wardrobe.

What clients have to say

Angela is fantastic! The closet consultation was extremely helpful to me. I literally have 50 new outfits after meeting with Angela. Shopping was also stress-free and fun! I ended up finding almost all of the pieces I was looking for. I would highly recommend Angela!

Jill P. on September 1, 2016

I’m a stay at home mom and I also work part time outside the house. I feel like I had no idea how to put together outfits in my closet and help me to look casual yet put together in my day to day routine. I did some research and decided that I was in need of a stylist to help me out. I contacted Angela and she came by my house for a closet consultation. When she arrived she immediately put me at ease and I felt completely comfortable with her going through my closet. She went in there and showed me all kinds of different pairings I would had never thought to put together. She had me try on all the different combinations to make sure I was comfortable and that I liked how the outfit looked. She gave me a new understanding of mixing patterns and colors to where I’m now looking at my closet in a whole new way. After she was done we came up with at least 30 new outfits I had never considered and can’t wait to wear. She also helped me say goodbye to clothes that I’ve held on and haven’t worn for years. I can’t wait to go shopping with her to find shoes and other pieces to complement my wardrobe. She has an amazing eye for fashion and I feel like with her help I will walk out the house looking more polished and chic. I can’t thank her enough for her help.

LeShe Hunter – June 6, 2016

Angela is amazing! She is very professional, friendly and arrived right on time. I am so excited about all of the wardrobe combinations she created from my existing pieces, I have over 30 new outfits. I was not sure what to expect since we had never met and this is my first experience with Thumbtack, wow – I am so happy I made this appointment with Angela. I can’t wait to get together again, she is very talented and has a great eye for design and color. HIGHLY recommend treating yourself to a couple of hours with Angela.

Melissa M – on May 12, 2016

Angela is amazing!!! She helped put together so many different outfits with pieces of clothing I already had and would have never thought to pair together. Thank you Angela for your time and your amazing eye for fashion!

Candy A – September 21, 2015