Happy New You

Celebrate a brand new year by giving yourself some brand new confidence. Find out how a Closet Consultation can change you.

I can not tell you how many times in the last 9 years I have heard a woman say, “oh my gosh, I would never have thought to put that together, I love it!” Those. Exact. Words. It is incredible to me how an industry I have devoted a good portion of my life to has so negatively impacted the lives of women. The constant influx of unachievable fashion images, paired with the ever-changing “trends,” has women chasing their tails to stay current until they get so tired they give up. That is when the self confidence plummets, and so begins a cycle of purchases followed by buyers remorse.

My way of combatting the fashion industry beat down…

A Closet Consultation

Most women have a pretty vivid idea of the style they are trying to achieve and in most cases they have done a decent job of shopping for that style. But how do you finish the look? How do you take it from off the rack to Instagram worthy? This is the part that is tricky for most women and why a Closet Consultation changes lives.

You don’t have to be perfectly on trend to be a perfectly styled version of you.

Spend 2 hours with me, treat yourself to a Closet Consultation, gain confidence in your style, in yourself.

Typical Results

Most clients have this “wow” moment about an hour into their Closet Consultation. A moment when their face lights up and they look at me with the most incredible look. A look that shows me their perspective has flip turned and they can see how truly stylish they are in their very own way. They see how simple it will be to fill in the gaps and learn to finish outfits for a more polished style. I have dubbed this look The Glow, because my clients are truly beaming as we wrap up the appointment.

What would it be worth to have that feeling? For The Glow? For 30-50 new outfits using just the clothes sitting in your closet? For help purging the items you no longer need? For a list of items you can add to increase the versatility of what you already have?

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